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The Critically Important Backup Tutorial

Cpanel WordPress users has your site stopped displaying correctly? When you login are all your pages and posts GONE? Don’t despair…not yet anyway…your database is likely just corrupted. It happens. It’s happened to me. There are too many reasons to list why it happens. Usually the information was only half sent by your ISP or […]

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TimThumb.php Fix

I recently spent hours configuring the WooTheme “Premium News Theme” which is one of their first themes they ever created. It is also a free theme so they do not offer support on it. http://www.teapartywatchdogs.com There is a “fix” that they list on their website telling people to download the updated version of “thumb.php” http://www.woothemes.com/u/thumb.phps […]

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9 Free WordPress Themes

Here are 9 great wordpress themes I’ve found that are FREE! It still boggles my mind that people pay money for website design when there is so much free stuff out there. It is why I have shifted my business to “website implementation” (setup and hosting) and away from design. It’s just plain stupid to […]

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WordPress I Love Thee

WordPress why do I love thee? There are so many reasons. The main one is that it’s just so easy to use.The install takes around 5 minutes or less if you have Fantastico on your servers. I do. Then there are the 6118 plugins for just about anything you can imagine. A plugin is an […]

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