Rightly Teaching God’s Word

As a dad it’s important to me that I teach God’s truth to my boys. That they understand the “Whole Counsel Of God” and not some mishmashed, hodgepodge version of God’s truth. “God has a wonderful plan for your life” or some such rot!

Something I found sad at the recent convention I attended in Greenville, SC was the lack of knowledge when asked “what way the curriculum leans” in relation to theology? Is the theology Reformed or Armenian? Another way to phrase it would be; is the theology Calvinist or Free Will?  (Granted I didn’t talk to every vendor, but I did talk to the big ones)

I personally don’t care for the Armenian leaning. Gasp you say? “I’ll never read this guys blog again” OK. But that shows where your heart truly is. I personally don’t think we should divide over this issue. But most Armenian believers I’ve met do, and are quick to snub their nose.

HISTORICAL NOTE: Did you know that the 5 points of Calvinism were a response to the 5 articles of Remonstrance(Armenianism)?

All debate about your theological beliefs aside. What I found sad was the lack of knowledge of what the Bible curriculum contained. They are selling this product. Yet most don’t know what is in it?  I’ve found that theology is a lamppost that will light the path to all other things in your life. If you believe the world is truly corrupt, and that all men have sinned, that the world was created in 7 literal days, as God said it was, you know…in the Bible? You will order your life accordingly. So Theology matters.

We bought our curriculum from Christian Liberty Press. When asked the question the representative was quick to answer: “Calvinist”. I was taken aback when he did, as most didn’t know, or didn’t want to state their beliefs. It was a large part of why we purchased the materials from CLP. Another was price and that their curriculum, fit my more eclectic “pick and choose” style.

Teach your kids the Heart of God. His Truth, and the rest will fall into line. “I have written your Word on my heart that I might not sin against you” Psalm 119:11 That is IF you are using good foundational truth. (I’ll update when we start teaching from the curriculum my thoughts on it).

I’m not a 5 point calvinist. I don’t even know what all 5 points are. But, I believe that some are chosen, and some are not.(Romans 8 and 9 isn’t that hard to understand)  I don’t believe our “free will” has any say in this. I also believe, that we as believers are called to preach the Good News to all mankind. And that we are called to “Make Disciples  and not converts. That we are not to make judgements as to who within mankind He has chosen. 

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