Being A Homeschool Dad

There is no greater honor than getting to raise your children classically, as the founders did ( kids at home – educated at home – by adults). Part of raising them is properly educating them. My goal as a father is to raise my kids to know the Lord, do his will, and to be able to think for themselves.

Originally this blog existed to promote social media coaching and other random stuff. Some of this random stuff and other stuff will remain. But, I’ll be shifting the blog’s primary focus to educate fathers on homeschooling their kids. From the perspective of a Dad.  

Some Dads will want to understand how the homeschooling process works. You’ll get some of that here. The difference you’ll find is, I’m a Dad that IS the primary educator in our family.

My wife works outside of the home, And I work inside the home as a website developer. The goal is to get us both working in the home. But for now…I’m the one with the flexible schedule that affords freedom to educate.

  1. Can you do this?
  2. Should you do this?
  3. Will you do this?

I believe the answer to the first 2 questions is YES, and my hope is that the answer to the other 2 will be yes.

“I can’t do this” yep…you are right. But GOD can!

At the time of this writing our kids are in a Private Christian School locally. We will begin teaching at home in August of 2013.

Teach On,

Kurt Feigel

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