About Me

Who is Kurt Feigel?

I’m a Homeschool Dad,  Jeffersonian Tree Of Liberty, Constitutionalists, Republican, Tea Party, Conservative, Evangelist Christian. Husband, and Father of 2 great boys.

A WordPress Website Developer ,  in Lynchburg, VA with clients all over the nation.

I’ve worked as a  correspondent for  Restore the Republic Magazine/TV during the “Rally for the Republic” and again at the Continental Congress 2009 when I was a video producer.  I’m a former skydiver but gave that up when I got married. I’m also a former student pilot.  I have an opinion about everything. I’m the founding blogger at Red State Virginia and other places.

I just finished a 2 year term as the Lynchburg Tea Party President and have served in various leadership rolls within the political realm over the last +3 years. I enjoy public speaking on a variety of topics such as: Guns/Politics/Technology/Evangelism/Fatherhood. But my passion has lately waned for politics as God has shown me what a “chasing after the wind” it is.

If your looking for someone to talk to your group about one of those issues use the contact page and click the  “speaking request”  button within the form. In most instances I’m happy to come speak to local groups for free if I’m available.

I started my entrepreneurial career over 10 years ago as a video producer. 5 or so years ago I expanded into WordPress Website Development. I’ve since dropped video services altogether and focus my time on Websites.

I hope this blog will equip you to be great at whatever you are trying to achieve.

Thank You for stopping by,

Kurt Feigel

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